Welcome to American Safety Clothing

Here in Sellersville PA, we at American Safety Clothing are constantly reminded of our proud American heritage. We strive to honor those who have come before us. We do so by upholding  the vision of our Founding Fathers – a strong America. That is why for the last  60 years our goal has been to keep manufacturing jobs in America.   We do so by producing the finest American made safety apparel found anywhere. In a time when our competitors are moving jobs overseas and flooding the market with inferior foreign made safety apparel – American Safety Clothing stays true to our countries historic values and we fight to keep the American label worn by  todays workers.  Safety saves lives – quality saves jobs. Over 250 years ago Benjamin Franklin knew the value of a quality product when penned the phrase:

 The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

 The next time you go to put on your Arc Flash / Flash Fire coveralls or your daily FR work wear,  or you reach for your aluminized clothing to don before your next stint working in the forge – read the label – are you wearing AMERICAN?  The clothing that is meant to save your life should not be purchased from the guy bringing it in from China/Mexico – when your life depends on it – who do you depend on?  It is time to take a stance and once again become “American worker proud to be wearing American”.