16oz Aluminized Rayon Split Leg Bib Apron

Part Numbers and Product Descriptions 

41-30-00-00-2430 24x30 Length
41-30-00-00-2436 24x36 Length
41-30-00-00-2442 24x42 Length
41-30-00-00-2448 24x48 Length

Aluminized bib aprons offer protection and comfort from radiant heat, molten metal sparks and splashes.

These aprons will reflect away high levels of radiant heat.  Yet not all workers need a full Bib Apron to function in their work environment.  So we also offer waist aprons.

Split Leg Bib Apron features:

  • adjustable neck and waist straps
  • split apron inseam, fitted with leather straps and slide snaps or hook and loop on back of legs

Aluminized Rayon

Dual Mirror® process reflects 95% radiant heat and resists moderate exposure to molten metal splash.  This fabric has a temperature protection range of 400°-500°F.  Flame retardant ingredients are included when the fiber is manufactured.  The resulting flame retardancy of the fabric is permanent.  Asbestos substitute used in protective clothing for steel workers, foundry workers and fire brigades.

 **Special options and features available**

**Available in the following cloths:

 16 oz. Aluminized Rayon  350° - 450°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Rayon  400° - 500°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 22 oz. Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 14 oz. Balistic Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 24 oz. Terry Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 22 oz. P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 45 oz. P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 7 oz. Aluminized P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 14 oz. Aluminized Carbon Kevlar  700°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Carbon Kevlar  700°F
 16 oz. Aluminized Fiberglass  700° - 900°F
 26 oz. Fiberglass  700° - 1000°F
 26 oz. Fiberglass Vertex  1200° - 1800°F
 36 oz. Fiberglass Vertex  1200° - 1800°F
 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh  1800° - 2000°F



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