40 Cal 50″ Lab Coat

All standard flash apparel is manufactured to ASTM 1506-98 & complies with OSHA 1910.269 & current NFPA 70E.ASC manufacturers a complete range of arc flash apparel from 8-55 Cal.


 Part Numbers and Product Descriptions 

Comes in Tecasafe® (Standard).  Also available in Indura Ultra Soft®.

Arc flash can be devastating.  In a fraction of a second, it generates a wave of intense radiant heat that can ignite, melt, or break open a worker's clothing, causing severe and sometimes fatal burns.  PPE made from next-generation TenCate Tecasafe® Plus will minimize or prevent skin burns while providing all four categories of NFPA 70E protection.

You can count on Tecasafe Plus protecting your workers because the fabric itself is inherently flame-resistant.  Its FR properties won't wash or wear out no matter how many times you wash it, or how you wash it.  And thanks to its low thermal shrinkage, Tecasafe Plus continues to provide full-body protection throughout the arc flash.

In addition, Tecasafe Plus is soft and breathable, making it comfortable to wear, yet Tecasafe Plus retains its like new appearance even after continual industrial laundering.  It is available in a variety of solid shades, including High-Visibility Yellow, which is ANSI 107 compliant, and Hi-Vis orange.  Both are CSA Z96-2009 compliant.

Tecasafe Plus is made in the United States by TenCate Protective Fabrics USA, the largest supplier of inherently flame-resistant fabric in the world.  Its long life cycle, combined with its competitive cost, makes Tecasafe Plus an exceptional value.

ASC40-C-M 50" Lab Coat
ASC40-C-L 50" Lab Coat
ASC40-C-XL 50" Lab Coat
ASC40-C-2XL 50" Lab Coat
ASC40-C-3XL 50" Lab Coat
ASC40-C-4XL 50" Lab Coat

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