14oz Aluminized Carbon Kevlar Surgeons Coat

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Part Numbers and Product Descriptions 

20-16-00-12-30 30" Length
20-16-00-12-40 40" Length
20-16-00-12-50 50" Length

Provides upper body head-on protection against radiant heat, molten metal and sparks.

These surgeon coats will reflect away sparks, molten metal and radiant heat head-0n.  This coat features an open back offering better ventilated comfort, recommended for a more confined danger area.

Basic Surgeons Coats Features:

  • military style collar
  • rear closure is snaps with adjustable leather straps across upper back opening
  • set-in sleeves
  • safety stitch overlock sewing on all seams
  • adjustable hook and loop belt around back
  • sewn with Kevlar thread
  • triple tacked at stress points
  • Sizes small - 5XL available

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar:

This anti-static cloth is a combination of a.) flame and high heat resistant, non-melting, stabilized semi-carbon fibers and b.) aramid fibers.  Offers excellent high temperature insulation and resistance to molten steel (2,850°F) splash.  Also superior degree of abrasion resistance needed for tough working environments.  It is cool and lightweight to wear, has high seam strength, excellent workability and can't burn or melt.  This durable fabric has a temperature protection range of 600°-800°F. 

Surgeon Coat Sizes:

All garments are full cut and will fit comfortably over work clothes.  For a proper fit, select your surgeons coat size and heigh category.  If there is some question in choosing between two sizes, play it safe and order the larger of the two.

Your   Normal Jacket Size Coat Sizes Chest
34-36" S 40"
38-40" M 44"
42-44" L 48"
46-48" XL 52"
50-52" 2XL 56"
54-56" 3XL 60"
58-60" 4XL 64"
62-64" 5XL 68"

**Available in the following cloths:

 16 oz. Aluminized Rayon  350° - 450°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Rayon  400° - 500°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 22 oz. Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 14 oz. Balistic Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 24 oz. Terry Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 22 oz. P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 45 oz. P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 7 oz. Aluminized P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 14 oz. Aluminized Carbon Kevlar  700°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Carbon Kevlar  700°F
 16 oz. Aluminized Fiberglass  700° - 900°F
 26 oz. Fiberglass  700° - 1000°F
 26 oz. Fiberglass Vertex  1200° - 1800°F
 36 oz. Fiberglass Vertex  1200° - 1800°F
 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh  1800° - 2000°F



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