19 Piece Insulated Socket Set

 ASC03095 -19pc 1/2" Dr. Standard/Metric Socket Set

01750 Reversible Ratchet 1/2" Square Drive
01760 5'' Ext. Bar
01770 10'' Ext. Bar
01570 3/8 Standard 
01580 7/16 Standard
01590 1/2 Standard
01600 9/16 Standard
01630 3/4 Standard
01650 7/8 Standard
01660 15/16 Standard
01670 1'' Standard
01330 8mm
01350 10mm
01380 13mm
01420 17mm
01440 19mm
01450 20mm
01470 22mm
01500 25mm
  19pc Tool Kit Case


ASC is partnering with Insulated Tools LLC -  bringing you a 45 year track record of producing insulated tools to the highest standard possible. We know that live line working needs high quality Insulated Tools, so we ensure that all of the tools we sell more than meet the Category "C" specification, meaning you can rest assured that you''''''''ve got the best protection available.

Insulated Tools that the Live Line professional can rely on.

Insulated Tools that can be used in extreme cold climates.

The only company to insulate its products with the material Nylon 11

  • Each tool is injection moulded
  • A unique feature to Insulated Tools LLC
  • Nylon 11, the preferred material of the professional Live Line Worker because of its mechanical strength
  • This makes the insulation more hard wearing in the field, therefore safer for the operative and also more cost effective

Why Insulated Tools LLC insulated tools using Nylon 11?

Insulated Tools LLC is the only company to insulate its products by injection moulding with the material Nylon 11. This unique and innovative method means that Insulated Tools LLCs tools can be used in Live Line conditions by Live Line Professionals. Our products comply to the International Standard IEC 60900:2004, which states that all tools must be able to pass an electrical test of 10,000 volts for 3 minutes submerged in water. The material must be able to function at temperatures from -20°C to +70°C, the material must also be able to withstand impact, be flame retardant, have a good adhesion to the tool and also have the minimum moisture retention.

Insulated Tools LLCs products carry the category "C" mark.

What is the Category "C" specification?

  • These tools have to be able to withstand impact after being taken down to Minus 40°F (Minus 40°C) for a minimum period of 2 hours. This is the new requirement for working in extreme cold climates
  • We are proud to confirm that after carrying out the necessary tests on our products using our in-house test facilities, the material Nylon 11 (which makes our products unique) more than meets this additional specification, confirming once again that our tools are the best that money can buy


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