Cape Sleeves

American Safety Clothing is the leader in providing superior cut protection and we have been doing it for over 60 years.   Our Cape Sleeves provide the very best cut protection from the wrist up through the Shoulder.

Part Numbers and Product Descriptions

22-12-00-1220-12 8oz Kevlar Twill Cape Sleeve, Covered Snap Closure
23-12-00-1220-1220 8oz Kevlar Twill Snap on Bib Apron to Cape 12"h x 20"w
22-12-00-1620-12 KV Twill Cape Sleeve, Eyeleted, Covered Snap Closure
23-12-00-1620-1220 KV Twill Snap on Bib, Eyeleted, 12"h x 20"w

We offer a popular selection of fabrics:  8 oz. Kevlar® twill, Ballistic Nylon and custom Kevlar® mesh (in a variety of weights).  All fabrics can be used for coats, coveralls, cape sleeves, surgeon's gowns, aprons and sleeves.  Eyelets can be strategically placed to provide superior cut and slash protection.

8 oz. Kevlar® twill offers the user lightweight comfort and flexibility.  This fabric has superior strength for slash and puncture protection.  It is inherently flame retardant and will easily handle light molten splash.

With our 30 plus years of experience we can develop a "custom" garment that is comfortable, highly protective and extremely affordable.  Call 800-827-1204 and let our experience work for you!


Material Types:
KA Kevlar Armor (8 oz.) offers superior cut protection and durability.
KV Kevlar® (8 oz.) offers good cut protection and superior durability.
KM Kevlar® Mesh (9 oz.) provides good cut protection and added comfort.
WM Standard White Nylon Mesh offers good cut protection at a great value.
BM Standard Black Nylon Mesh offers good cut protection at a great value.
LH Leather is ideal when abrasion protection is needed. This is a moderately heavy-weight, pearl colored split leather.


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