40 Cal Norfab 32″ Jacket and Bib Overall Kit

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This arc flash apparel is manufactured to ASTM 1506-10a & complies with OSHA 1910.269 & current NFPA 70E.  ASC manufacturers a complete range of arc flash apparel from 8-100 Cal.

***50% Lighter than cotton / cotton-nylon coats and bib overalls***  Described by many as "A Game Changer"

ASC's NorFab 40 is simply the most comfortable, light-weight 40 CAL system found anywhere on the market today.  This remarkably light weight and durable 40 CAL kit provides superior protection for HRC 4 work.


Part Numbers and Product Descriptions 

ASCNF40K-JB-sz 40 Cal 32" Jacket and Bib Overall Kit

Sizes - Small thru 5XL

Kit Contents:

  • 40 Cal 32" Jacket
  • 40 Cal Bib Overall
  • Switchgear Hood
  • Anti-Fog Safety Glasses
  • Standard Storage Bag

*Standard in-seem length on bibs and coveralls is 32" - additional sizes are available upon request*

** Dual fan unit available on all switchgear hoods**

***Front light available on all switchgear hoods***

****Ear Plugs optional****

Fabric Features:

*  Lightweight multi-layer tri-blend

*  Arc Rating 40 cal/cm2,  HRC 4

*  Inherently Flame Resistant

*  Durable

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