Spring Style Leggings

Part Numbers and Product Descriptions 

72-16-00-09A-SZ   (s-3xl) Aluminized Carbon Kelvar
72-30-00-09A-SZ (s-3xl) Aluminized Rayon
72-03-00-09A-SZ (s-3xl) Aluminized Kelvar

Leggings, available in different Aluminized materials (see below), Available in sizes small - 3xl, Color Silver

Look closely at the features of each of our leggings.  We offer easy closures and a variety of fabric styles.

Knee Legging Features & Options:

  • partial foot flares (standard)
  • full foot flares (optional) covers complete foot
  • all aluminized flares are faced with leather for longer wear, flares have metal foot formers sewn in for a snug boot fit.
  • two width sizes - standard fits average leg and X-Large for larger leg widths

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar

This anti-static cloth is a combination of a.) flame and high heat resistant, non-melting, stabilized semi-carbon fibers and b.) aramid fibers.  Offers excellent high temperature insulation and resistance to molten steel (2,850°F) splash.  Also superior degree of abrasion resistance needed for tough working environments.  It is cool and lightweight to wear, has high seam strength, excellent workability and can't burn or melt.  This durable fabric has a temperature protection range of 600°-800°F.

Aluminzed Rayon:

Dual Mirror process reflects 95% radiant heat and resists moderate exposure to molten metal splash. This fabric has a temperature protection range of 400 - 500 degrees F. Flame retardant ingredients are included when the fiber is manufactured. The resulting flame retardancy of the fabric is permanent.

Aluminized Kevlar:

A light/medium weight cloth finely woven of core-spun yarns in a herringbone pattern.  Made especially for safety garment use because of its excellent strength and abrasion resistance, its good flexibility, drapability and non-stretch workability.  This fabric has a temperature protection range of 500°-600°F.

 **Available in the following cloths:

 16 oz. Aluminized Rayon  350° - 450°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Rayon  400° - 500°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 22 oz. Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 14 oz. Balistic Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 24 oz. Terry Kevlar  500° - 600°F
 22 oz. P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 45 oz. P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 7 oz. Aluminized P.B.I.  700° - 1000°F
 14 oz. Aluminized Carbon Kevlar  700°F
 19 oz. Aluminized Carbon Kevlar  700°F
 16 oz. Aluminized Fiberglass  700° - 900°F
 26 oz. Fiberglass  700° - 1000°F
 26 oz. Fiberglass Vertex  1200° - 1800°F
 36 oz. Fiberglass Vertex  1200° - 1800°F
 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh  1800° - 2000°F




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